Business Premium Platinum™ Visa®

Better cash flow and buying power ... experience the difference with AECU

  • Great Rate ~ as low as 8.49% APR*
  • 25 Day Grace Period on purchase balances paid in full
  • Worldwide Acceptance ~ everywhere Visa credit is accepted
  • No Annual Fee
  • Earn free Rewards! points for every dollar in purchases
  • Receive 2500 BONUS Rewards! points at account opening
  • Flexible, individual card controls to fit your needs

Rewards! is a free benefit of the Business Premium Platinum Visa account. Visit the Rewards! site to learn more about the travel and merchandise opportunities.

Cardholders must have a business checking account with the Credit Union. Simply complete the application and submit the following:

Ready to get started?

The first step is completing and returning an application and a personal financial statement.

In addition to the completed Platinum Visa application and personal financial statement, the following documents are needed for processing a business Visa:
For Sole Proprietors: 3 years Personal Tax Returns and Fictitious Name Filing
For Partnerships: 3 years Personal Tax Returns, 3 years Business Tax Returns, and Articles of Organization and Partnership Agreement
For Limited Liability Companies: 3 years Personal Tax Returns, 3 years Business Tax Returns , Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement
For S Corporations and C corporations: 3 years Personal Tax Returns, 3 years Business Tax Returns, Articles of Incorporation and Corporate By-Laws, and Corporate Resolution

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