Difficulty Making Your Loan Payments?

We understand that circumstances and unexpected events can challenge your household budget. And, sometimes this challenge is just too much to keep current with all of your obligations. If you have a loan with the Credit Union and find you are falling behind or struggling to keep up with payments, contact us!

Contact us now...

The sooner you contact the Credit Union, the more options you may have available to you. In certain situations, we may be able to offer a short-term extension on your payments or a modification to your loan. Additionally, the sooner you contact us, you can lessen the impact on your credit standing with the Credit Union and the credit bureaus. Let us work with you to find ways to help you with your situation.

Options May Be Available

The right option depends on individual circumstances. We can determine if you qualify for temporary or long-term relief, including solutions that may allow you to stay in your home (refinance, repayment, forbearance, loan modification) or leave your home while avoiding foreclosure (short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure).

Information We Need to Help You

Requesting help is the first step. Download and complete the following documents: Homeowner Checklist, Uniform Borrower Assist Form, Request for Transcript of Tax Return and Dodd-Frank Certification. Return these documents to:
Loss Mitigation
12395 Olive Blvd
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Fax: 314-773-5424 email

We will acknowledge receipt of the completed documents within three business days, or within five business days if there is missing information. Once we have received the completed documents, we will evaluate your information and contact you within 30 days.

Learn More and Act Now

For more information, click here to view Frequently Asked Questions. If you need assistance, contact us at 877.269.4179 or


If you have submitted the complete documents listed above and disagree with the options we provided, please contact the Real Estate Servicing Manager at 877.269.4179 or

Additional Resources


The Credit Union also offers the BALANCE financial fitness program to our members. With this FREE program, you have access to professional, confidential money management information and counseling. Simply call 888-456-2227 or visit our BALANCE web site.

Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is an excellent resource if you are worried about foreclosure. Its web site contains everything you need to know from tips to avoiding foreclosure to foreclosure scam information to rental and relocation resources.

Making Home Affordable

Do you pay your mortgage on time, but are not able to refinance due to a decrease in your home’s value? Are you struggling to make your monthly mortgage payment because of a rate increase or loss of income? Click here to find out if a Home Affordable Modification or Making Home Affordable Refinance can help.


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