Business Credit Card Rewards

Exciting news for your business! You can now redeem your Business Visa Rewards points for cash back to your savings or checking account. 

In addition to great rewards options like travel, merchandise, and gift cards, the new cash back option gives you the ultimate flexibility to choose how you want to spend your points. Here's how the cash back option works:

When you hit: You can redeem for:
2,500 points $25 cash back
5,000 points $50 cash back
7,500 points $75 cash back
10,000 points $100 cash back

No limits! Your points can be redeemed at any time - whatever is convenient for you and your business! Cash back credits will be posted to your account within 8 days.

Where do I go to redeem? Great question!

- If your business account has OnlineAccess:

  1. After logging into OnlineAccess, simply click on your business credit card on the home page.
  2. This will take you to a new window where you will be able to see your point total.
  3. Click on your point total and you will be directed to the Rewards site to redeem!
    Step 3 graphic
  4. Click on Browse rewards from the top toolbar and select Cash back.
    Step 4 Graphic

- If your business account does not have Online Access, no worries! Simply:

  1. Visit the dreampoints website here.
  2. Create a username and password for your card.
  3. Once this is completed, click on Browse rewards from the top toolbar and select Cash back.
    Step 3 Graphic


Eager to start earning?

Start building your points up by using your Business Visa today! Don't have a Business Visa? Simply, fill out the application here and email it to or call us at 800-325-9905 ext. 4845.















New! Your Business Credit Card now earns cash back for your points