Credit Card Alerts

Communication that protects your finances from fraud

Protecting your AECU Visa Credit Card just got easier with our new alerts! AECU is providing you peace of mind knowing that suspicious activity is being identified and communicated to you instantly. These alerts will come as either a text message or an automated phone call to your mobile or landline number on your credit card account record.

Choose the alerts that are right for you! There are a variety of alerts for your credit card account shown below that you can choose from:

  • Fraud Alert - Text/Call notifications are sent when suspicious activity or compromised cards are detected. 
  • Transaction Alert - Text/Email notifications are sent when a certain amount is charged to your card in a single transaction, international charges have been posted to your account, gas station charges are authorized, a card has declined, etc. Other options are available as well.
  • Account Information Alert - Text/Email notifications are sent when available credit is less than a certain amount, payment is within a certain time period, no payments were received, etc. Other options are available as well.

For Fraud Alerts, phone calls will be displayed on your caller ID as 800-238-8604. Text messages will come from 99350. For Transaction and Account Information Alerts, you will receive a text message from 78341. Below is a specific example of a text you may receive:

Examples of Alerts

Take advantage of this free service by contacting your local branch representative or logging into OnlineAccess > Click on your Visa Credit Card account > Click "Products and Services" and then select "Account Alerts".